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So i was surfing Invader Zim and heres what I found If your bored like me and interested. They are very funny though and totaly worth it.

*DIB ISNT HUMAN! "if the series had not been canceled, a potential storyline might have included Dib going on a quest to find out why his life was so horrible and discovering he was an artificial creation of Professor Membrane's making."

*In the episode Dark Harvest Dib mentions to his classmate, Torque Smacky that he has memories of being abducted as a baby "... Perhaps to create some kind of genius super baby?", though he also states his memory on this is unclear.

*Minimoose was supposed to replace gir in the episodes that never were because the show canceled. Good thing.

*Have you ever noticed Professor Membrane calls Gaz and Dib "son and daughter"? I never noticed that he didnt know there names...

*THERE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A MOVIE? called Invader Dib where humans are at war with Irkens... but it was never written. It ended with Dib being stuck on Jupiter forever and it would have been the final episode. :(

*In a Canceled episode, Zim becomes a vampire that only eats chinese foods with chop sticks for fangs.

*Ever wonder about Taks Mimi? why isnt it a SIR? well, thats because they were going to have a competition to find the best SIR and she was the final challenge. Gir made it to the finals, and won because Tak was in space.

*Iggins was supposed to die in the wreckage. Instead he imerges with super powers

*The guy thats allways happy (which I relate to) is named Nick. (Jordan :]) hes also voiced by the creator of the show.

*On the arrival of the Irken Armada to Blorch to proclaim their first successful Invasion, The Tallest refused to make short Skoodge their poster-boy for galactic conquest. Instead, declaring a 'new tradition' on the spot, they instead fired him out of a cannon into space. A taller Irken soldier, randomly selected by Tallest Purple, was dubbed Invader Skoodge, and paraded in front of the cameras. When Zim was sent to the planet Hobo-13 for military training (or so he thought), Skoodge was there as well and was used by Zim to get through the trials.

*Bolth the robo parents are voiced by guys.

*Although the house told Gaz there are no videogames, theres an arcade in the house in "The Pilot"

*The voice of Zim for certain episodes was the same person as Fry in Futurama.

Thats all I gots for now!

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~:icongovernmentpiggy:My sister!

people that are internetly awsum!I wuv them all to death...
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